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The Internet Is Outraged That Eleven Dies In The First Episode Of Stranger Things Season 2

Look, I dont know if that’s true because I havent seen the show yet but man. What a spoiler, ya know? And on the day that Season 2 was released, no less. Horrible. You think the whole squad is getting together for another full season of Upside Down hijinks and then your waffle eatin main bitcc up and dies in the first episode. Hope that isn’t what actually happens, but part of my job here is to report the news. So report I do, even when it’s not the most comfortable thing in the world. Dont shoot the messenger again.

What’s the appropriate length of time before you can give Stranger Things spoilers? 1 week? Cant be more than one week. If you didn’t watch in the first week, you didn’t really care.

Update for people who dont know a joke: It’s absolutely not true. Jesus