Last Night In The NBA: Blake Griffin Is A Problem


Welcome back to another edition of Last Night In The NBA where we catch you up on all the stuff you missed from last night in the Association. If for some reason you were unable to watch NBA basketball last night, man did you miss a fun as hell night. There were 5 games on Thursday night, all of which were entertaining as hell. You could argue this was one of the more fun nights of the year. Depressed? Don’t be, I’ll fill you in. Here’s what happened.

Bulls 91 Hawks 86

Baby Dirk is REAL!

There were numerous jokes made on the internet when the Bulls made this selection, well who’s laughing now? With so much talk about Lonzo Ball and Ben Simmons and Jayson Tatum, I think it’s time people start including Baby Dirk when talking about the best rookies. 15/10 with 43/40% splits to start the season is nothing to sneeze at.

He didn’t do it alone though as every Bulls starter found himself in double digits, and despite shooting 36/21% for the game, they made enough plays down the stretch to avoid dropping to 0-2 at home. Also, how about David Nwaba coming out of NOWEHERE with a 15/11 performance? Who the hell is that?

For ATL, it’s pretty simple. John Collins is becoming must watch stuff

He had 13/5, but the Hawks were led by Marco Belinelli and his 23 points on 8-16 including 5 made threes. I don’t know what to say about ATL, if you can’t beat CHI, who can you beat? They’re now 1-4 on the season.

Celtics 96 Bucks 89

By now you know to wait for the full blog, so I’ll leave you with this. How are the Celtics doing right now?

Grizzlies 96 Mavericks 91

I don’t know what was up with all the close low scoring games last night, but this one was no different. A classic home/home matchuo with DAL in which they lost the first meeting, this was a nice recovery by the Grizzlies. To pull it out, MEM got another stellar performance from their prized big man

Conley was no slouch either, sa the only other starter to break double figures with 22. Tyreke Evans was the only bench player in double figures with 19 points, and when ypu factor in MEM’s 18 TOs, thank god they were playing the Mavericks.

For DAL, I’m pretty sure Cuban said we were going to be surprised with the Mavs, that they were going to be better than people thought. Well, they’re 1-5, and had 34/29% splits last night.

Welsey Matthews was pretty good, going for 18 points on 6-12, including 4 made threes in a quarter

Barnes had 22/11 which you don’t see often from him

And rookie Dennie Smith Jr had this nice as hell block on Cloney so there’s that!

Clippers 104 Trail Blazers 103

For me, this was the game of the night. A big third quarter from POR made this close heading into the final 12 minutes, and boy did these two teams not disappoint. The Clippers now stand at 4-0 and look fantastic, and last night they have Blake to thank for 25/8/5 and game winner

I’m telling you, a healthy Blake Griffin is a big time problem for teams. I threw out a question last week if a healthy Blake could be a Top 5 MVP type player, and everything we’ve seen so far this season screams YES. The fact that teams now have to worry about Blake making threes off the dribble must be terrifying.

At first I always thought Doc played his son a lot because you know, he was his son, but Austin Rivers has actually developed into a more than solid SG. He had 16 last night on 5-11 shooting, including 3 made threes and did stuff like this

For POR, it was heartbreak, because they had made huge plays down the stretch of this game that more often than not pull it out. Dame/CJ combined for 48/10 on 15-37 shooting, but sadly that wasn’t enough

In hindsight they probably could had used at least one player from their bench actually do something, considering as a collective unit they had 11 points on 4-20 shooting.

Pelicans 114 Kings 106

Boogie made his return to SAC last night, and my word did he put on a show

What an absolutely MONSTER performance in front of his old crowd. The Pelicans were getting crushed in this game, and then next thing you knew they pulled off a 24-4 run to get right back in it by the fourth quarter. Pretty impressive

Jameer Nelson came out of nowhere with 18/6 for the Pelicans which I’m sure they love. It wouldn’t shock me if he plays a lot of crunch time minutes for them moving forward

Justin Holiday was solid as well, maybe not max contract solid, but 20/4/7 on 7-13 certainly isn’t terrible.

For SAC, well, you never want to blow a 19 point lead, especially at home, but here we are. At least they had some moments

and Fox impressed me. Guy is so fast it’s almost not fair. He led all scorers with 14.

And with that, you’re now all caught up on everything that went down last night. There are 7 more games on tonight, but if you’d rather be a normal person and go out and live your life, all the power to ya. Just make sure to check back here Saturday morning and I’ll fill you in on everything you missed.