The Flyers Got Fucked (Sans Lube) By The NHL Last Night

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Okay so before we get started here, let me first say that in no world did the Flyers deserve to win that game last night. They played like trash. Their passing was about as crisp as a soggy bowl of Cheerio’s. The goaltending was beyond atrocious. They gave up a powerplay goal, an even strength goal, and a shorthanded goal all in the 1st period. One of which was scored by Mark Borowiecki. If Mark Borowiecki scores against your team, you shouldn’t be allowed to win. But that’s besides the point. Because despite how shitty they played for the majority of the game, the Flyers still managed to keep getting themselves back in the game and in an alternative universe where the NHL doesn’t despise the Flyers, they win that game 6-5. In reality, they lose 5-4 after a couple of bullshit reviews. Let’s start with the first one which was called off for goaltender interference on Jordan Weal.

Truth be told, I was a little conflicted on how to feel about this one. I was tearing into Brandon Manning all night. I think he holds back this team more than anybody. So it would have been pretty awkward if he scored a goal right in my face. But the call on the ice was a good goal and then came the review.

Holllllly fuck is that soft. Jordan Weal is like 5’6″. If Craig Anderson allows himself to get screened by a kid who is the size of a blogger, then he shouldn’t be playing goalie in the NHL. For a league that is doing everything possible to get more scoring in the game, calling off a goal like this just because Craig Anderson bumped into Jordan Weal is atrocious. Now with all that being said, you have to give some level of credit to Anderson here for understanding the rule and working this one perfectly. I may not agree with him, but I respect it. He knows that the area in the blue paint belongs to him. So he sees Weal come into his dojo, initiates contact on purpose, immediately turns to the ref to make sure he sees it, and the goal gets wiped off the board. It’s a super soft rule but it’s still a rule and Craig Anderson knew exactly what he was doing. I can live with that. What I can’t live with is this next one.

Look at our boy Coots getting extra greasy out there. Plays “just the tip” a couple minutes before this moment to bring the Flyers back to just 1. Less than a minute left to play in the game and that right there, ladies and gentlemen, is a good fucking hockey goal. Just check the goal line cam.

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Puck is in the back of Anderson’s glove and his glove is clearly all the way over the goal line. Only issue is that it wasn’t called a goal on the ice. So we go to the review booth again. 1-goal game with less than a minute to go. Puck is clearly across the goal line. Right now you’re thinking to yourself there’s no way the Flyers don’t steal at least a point from this game and force overtime. But if you were thinking that then you clearly have no idea how incompetent the NFL officiating crews are. Because once again, we have no goal here. Why? Because this shit sucking ref decided the play was already blown dead before it crossed the line.

Buddy. Look at you right there. There’s absolutely no shot in hell you can tell if you blew the play dead before or after the puck crossed the goal line. And I know it’s the bullshit “well he was in the process of blowing the whistle” rule. But you know what? You’re a professional referee in the National Hockey League. You shouldn’t get the “process of blowing the whistle” anymore. That’s for the 14-year-old kid who is working Mites games at 7am on Saturday mornings just so he can make a few bucks to go to the mall later. You’re a professional. Imagine if a player took a 20-foot run at somebody and drilled them from behinds into the boards and sent them off in a stretcher. But their defense was “well I was in the process of stopping” so we just didn’t suspend them. Do you hear how ridiculous that sounds? Same thing applies here. You can’t be going off the “well I meant to blow my whistle earlier”, especially not in a 1-goal game with a minute left. That’s a joke. An absolute joke.

So yeah. You want to take away one of these goals from the Flyers? Fine. I’m used to that by now. But to take away both of them? That’s some deep seeded hatred from this officiating crew and I simply will not stand for it.

Steve Kozari? Coward.


Francois St-Laurent? Coward.


Mark Shewchyk? Coward.


Brian Murphy? Coward.