Iowa DOT Releases Statement Reminding Drivers That Deer Can't Read Signs

DES MOINES, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) – The Iowa Department of Transportation says people ask them why they don’t put signs up for deer to let them known when its safe to cross roadways. The DOT says they get the question pretty often. As much as some people think, deer can’t read signs, but their drivers can. The DOT explained in a Facebook post that the signs are to remind drivers to be alert of the animals.


Son of a bitch. I had to read this twice to make sure it wasn’t actually an article from The Onion. Iowa has been the target of the folks over at The Onion in the past. Nope. Sure isn’t. Turns out some of my fellow Iowans ask the DOT why they don’t put the deer crossing signs in safer places for the deer. ON A REGULAR BASIS. People are wondering this on a regular basis. And it eats at them so much that they feel the need to send the question to the Iowa DOT. I love my people. I love them so much. I love coming back with my boss and having them yell mean things at him because he disrespected our delicious general store breakfast pizza. There’s nobody better than us. But we gotta be better than wondering if deer are out here reading signs. I will admit that it’s a funny visual to think of a deer running up on one of those signs and being like, “Aw damn. I better be careful.” But that’s where it ends. Deer can’t read. We can. Let’s al learn from this and be better tomorrow.