Asshole Soccer Fan Pisses In A Cup And Then Launches It Into The Crowd

Barbaric savagery in its purest form. And not in the funny way. FUCK this guy. Who raised this dude? Whoever it was did it all wrong. That’s the behavior of an anarchist. A man who doesn’t care about anyone or anything, including himself. A man who just wants to watch the world burn. This is also further proof that soccer fans will always be crazier than any version of any fan in the United States. Americans are passionate about their sports, sure. No one is doubting that. There have been plenty of insane NFL fight videos over the years. But nothing comes even close to the shit you see from soccer fans. They’ll beat up refs. They’ll throw flares onto the field. The players will throw the flares BACK into the crowd like a video game grenade. They’ll throw cups of piss and let it rain down on unsuspecting people. Hell, they’ll burn down entire stadiums if things don’t go their way. Soccer fans like to brag about how it’s the most popular sport in the world but they never seem to talk about just how batshit crazy they are. This might be the best example.