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Marshawn Lynch Spent His 1 Week Suspension Beast Mode-ing His Old High School Team

TSNThanks to his one-game suspension, Marshawn Lynch had to find a different way to stay in football shape this week.

The Raiders star, who will be permitted to rejoin the Raiders on Oct. 30, decided to visit his old high school.

Lynch, in his Oakland Raiders gear, practiced with Oakland Technical High School Wednesday night and hilariously schooled the teens as they tried to tackle him.

I used to HATE my coach when he made us do extra suicides, up downs, when he would pair us up with guys 60 pounds heavier in Oklahoma Drill to toughen us up.  Basically anything your high school coach did that wasn’t a live scrimmage would piss you off and make you mutter under your breath.   Imagine if he made you go up against fucking Marshawn Lynch?  Play the middle linebacker and stop fucking Beast Mode coming through the hole?   Listen Marshawn is the greatest.  He’s legitimately the coolest dude ever and to have him show up at your practice in full pads ready to work is incredible, a once in a lifetime opportunity, a story you can tell everyone for the rest of your life.

I’m just sayin.  If you wanted to file a lawsuit.  I think you got a solid case.

I get the biggest smile on my face every time I watch that video. ^^