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Don't Hightower Is Done For The Year. All Good, Nothing At All To Worry About.

(I will have to suffice until Jerry writes his blog. It’s ok, I’m a football genius so suck it)


Go ahead and scream that in the mirror, let it all out. Then, once you’ve calmed down, take a nice big swig of Belichick Kool Aid, say “NEXT MAN UP!” to no one in particular, and realize everything is going to be alright.

Has the defense been shaky? At times, yes. They’re also one of the best scoring defenses in the NFL over the last three games so it’s coming around quite nicely imho. You might think that losing a guy like Hightower would decimate a defense, and on most teams it would, but the Patriots aren’t most teams. They’ve got more depth than anyone else, they’ve got more guys who will fill particular roles than anyone else, and goddammit they’ve got the god Shea McClellin (remember that time he did the thing and jumped over the line? Whoa!) coming back soon. They’ll be just fine.

But, while we’re at it, let’s maybe knock on Ninko’s door? He said he wasn’t closing the door on retirement fully so perhaps we should find out just how ajar that thing is. Little extra leadership wouldn’t hurt with the QB going down.

PS – Bert Breer dropped this little tidbit: other teams were scared of Hightower because of this exact issue. Kinda shocking that the Pats would still give him a massive deal if every other team was backing off, no?