The San Francisco 49ers Send Out A Survey To Their Fans Asking If It's Important For The Team To Win

I mean maybe they just don’t actually know?  Not just some idiot in the PR department but the actual team?

They’ve won 1 of their last 22 games.  Did you know that?  That’s incredible.

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And that one win was by one point!  My god.  I feel like it’s kind of under the radar how incredibly horrible the 49ers are.  5-11 to 2-14 to 0-7.   The way they’re projecting we’re looking at the NFL’s first negative-win season soon.

So yeah, maybe the Niners are just actually, genuinely curious if winning is important to their fans.  I mean if they keep showing up to watch this dog shit who’s to say there’s any issue?  At least their quarterback is standing for the anthem.


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