Game 2 Of The World Series Was A Wild 11-Inning Perfect Baseball Game: Astros Win


What a game. What a night. Last night’s baseball game was the beauty of sport personified. There were several moments when I thought that the game was over for both teams.

The ball was fucking juiced last night. The Dodgers and Astros combined to hit 8 homeruns. Fucking 8. That’s the most homeruns in a single world series game.

Verlander was dealing for the first 5 innings but when the ball started flying out of the stadium, it didnt stop until the bottom of the 11th.

Altuve and Correa were Altuve and Correa. Jose has 5 home runs in 50abs this postseason. He’s been proving why he’s the AL MVP. Additionally, it was nice to see ole George Springer get going and hit the ball to the opposite field with power. From a 4 strikeout game to 3 for 5 with single, double, and a 2-run homer in the top of the 11th, it’s about as good of a bounce-back game as you can possibly have.

Houston won the game but their close Ken Giles makes me nervous as hell. I was texting ole Jared during the game and when Giles is out there, he looks like the moment is too big for him. It certainly was in the 9th. Hopefully, he will feel more comfortable at home than on the road. Astros need to take 2 out of 3 in Houston and I think they will. Astros in 6.