Some Idiot Paid $1.3 Million For A Note Written By Albert Einstein Explaining His Theory Of Happiness


Business Insider- While Albert Einstein’s theory of happiness may be relative, it fetched $1.3 million at a Jerusalem auction on Tuesday. The Nobel-winning scientist’s musings, handwritten on a note, may not be as famous as his groundbreaking theory of relativity, but they still shed light on one of the great modern minds. Winner’s Auctions and Exhibitions said Einstein was traveling in Japan in 1922 when he was told he would be awarded the Nobel Prize in physics. In Tokyo, Einstein scribbled the note in German to a bellboy after he did not have cash to give him a tip.

“A calm and modest life brings more happiness than the pursuit of success combined with constant restlessness,” it reads. Gal Wiener, CEO of the auction house, said Einstein told the bellboy that because of his fame, the handwritten note “will probably be worth more than a regular tip.”

Huuuuuuuuge day for your boy KFC and the #Mailtimers around the world. Jake Paul may be Team Portnoy, but Albert Einstein is apparently an OG member of Team Mailtime, which in turn makes him Team KFC. And it makes me so happy. No, not the whole Team Portnoy vs. Team KFC stuff. I’m thrilled that Big Brain Albert believed that happiness is about a simple, modest life instead of breaking your back nonstop for money and success. As someone with a wife, a mortgage in the burbs, and 1.5 kids, you have a lot of discussions with just where your life is headed. But if a smart motherfucker like Einstein tells me to glide happily into the coach section of life and enjoy the ride with the limited leg room, I’m all in. First class can go fuck itself. The worst part about getting older is figuring out if you should be happy where you are. But if the guy whose name is synonymous with intelligence tells you that the best approach is to snake it til you make it, you better believe I am going to listen.

I mean what can you even do with all that money you get from grinding and hustling? A bigger house and more vacations seems fun. But other than that, the only thing you can do with your money is work to get more, keep it in a bank, or buy notes written by dead people for more than a million dollars. Sweeeeet (fart noise).

So shout out to Einstein for making me feel like the smartest man on Earth for all my life choices that led me to blogging. I swear none of this is blog was written to convince myself that getting into the smut blog business was the right move.

P.S. I’m not sure if giving a bellboy a handwritten note as a tip is the biggest cheapskate move ever, the cockiest move ever, or both. Einstein was definitely the smartest Wildcard a crew has ever had.