UNC Star Point Guard Joel Berry Out 4 Weeks With A Broken Hand From Punching A Door After Losing A Video Game

Arkansas v North Carolina

ESPNNorth Carolina senior point guard Joel Berry II broke a bone in his right hand and will likely miss the start of the regular season.

The school announced Berry will miss about four weeks but did not disclose how he suffered the injury.

The UNC education jokes almost write themselves for the Duke fans out there.  If there’s one thing we learned this week, it’s that you can’t give your opponents an opportunity like that.  Free ammo for the haters.  At the very least Roy has got to learn this daggun’ stuff close to the vest.  What kind of leadership is this?

Now the obvious take here is: bad.  Bad to injure yourself before the season starts.  Even worse to injure yourself by punching a door from losing a video game to the student manager.  When you’re the star guard for the North Carolina Tar Heels and reigning Final Four M.O.P and the team is counting on you to lead them, missing the opening month because you smashed all your metacarpals after losing on a buzzer beater in 2K is a really horrible look.

BUT, as an eternal optimist always trying to find the bright side of things, we’ve got a few options here.  One: highly competitive.  HUGE for NBA Draft scouts.  They’ve got all the measurables in the world, but you can’t measure heart, and anyone who takes a loss this hard, in ANY competition, has the drive and desire to win at all costs.  Something a team like say the Phoenix Suns could use right now.

Two: BIG team player/locker room guy.  I mean this is the star All American point guard sitting around in his free time, not on the phone with an agent, not clubbing with his NBA and celebrity friends, but sitting around hanging out and playing video games with both Theo Pinson and the god damn student manager.  No big-timing here.  A true man of the people.  He’ll hit the dining hall with the starting 5 one minute, smash sticks with the pimple faced 18 year old who he throws his sweaty compression shorts to after games the next.

And third: he’s….still there?  I don’t know, I’m reaching here, but factually this is correct.  A team that got gutted by losing Jackson, Meeks, Bradley, Britt and Hicks  still has Berry!  Even if he comes back like Hanson from Scary Movie, a one handed Berry is still probably better than a lot of guys out there.

So you’re welcome Eric, feel free to run with any of those spin zones, those ones are free.