Driver Gets Fined for Singing 'Everybody Dance Now' in His Car


SourceA Montreal man who got a $149 ticket for belting out a song in his car says he’s shocked and upset.

Taoufik Moalla, 38, says Montreal police have no business punishing him for doing nothing more than singing along to one of his favourite songs — in his own car.

Moalla, a father of two, was a few metres from his St-Laurent home on Sept. 27 when he saw a police car pull up behind him on Ste-Croix Ave. He was driving to the grocery story to buy water and had popped a 1990s dance track — C+C Music Factory’s “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)” — into his CD player. …

“They asked me if I was screaming. I said, ‘No, I was singing,’ ” Moalla said. “I was singing the refrain ‘Everybody Dance Now,’ but it wasn’t loud enough to disturb anyone.”

A few minutes later, Moalla said the police gave him back his driver’s licence, car registration, plus a $149 ticket for “screaming in a public place.”

What the holy hell, Canada. What kind of oppressive, totalitarian, fascist police state are you running up there? I mean, this is some real Deep State bullshit. Like something President Snow would do in the districts. Or Kim Jong Un.

I’m not an unreasonable man. I’m not an absolutist on personal liberties. I appreciate they have limits. I once considered going to law school to study personal privacy, noise statutes. I respect the notion that a man’s right to scream song lyrics at the top of his lungs ends where the next driver’s ears begin. But not in all cases.

At the risk of showing my Old Balls, “Gonna Make You Sweat” is a fucking jam. One of the most irresistible hooks in the history of music. And hasn’t aged a day. Play it at a wedding. A club. Some youth hockey fundraiser at the Knights of Columbus. And it’s guaranteed to pack the dance floor, 30 years after C+C debuted it.

The question isn’t whether Tauofik Moalla has the right to belt it out in his car, it’s how can the government ask anybody not to? As a matter of fact, I keep that particular song ready just in case I ever get a speeding ticket. Because I’d appeal the ticket before a judge and my argument will be to simply put it on a Bluetooth and crank it. And ask if anyone in the room could honestly say they could resist hitting the accelerator just a little bit more. Boom. Case dismissed. No fine. No unsafe driver points. As far as I’m concerned, those cops ought to be grateful all my boy  did was sing and not cause a 20 car pileup. Shame on you, Canadia. Until Tauofik Moalla is free, then no man is truly free.