5 Of The Worst Teenagers On Earth Threw Rocks Off An Overpass Onto The Highway And Killed A Guy, Now Face Murder Charges

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HuffPo- Five teenagers will be charged as adults in the death of a Michigan man who was killed by a rock allegedly thrown off of an interstate’s overpass last week, prosecutors announced Monday.

Kenneth Andrew White, 32, was traveling home from work along Interstate 75 in Vienna Township on Wednesday night when a 6-pound rock smashed through the windshield of the car he was riding in and struck him while he sat in the passenger seat, authorities said. 

White, a father of four, died from blunt force trauma to the head and chest, Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton said at a press conference.

“These people should have known better. Under Michigan law, this is second-degree murder,” Leyton said, later adding that that specific charge carries the potential of life behind bars.

Leyton said a total of 20 rocks were recovered from the scene, the heaviest of which was nearly 20 pounds. Several other cars were damaged but no one else was injured.

Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell told HuffPost that the suspects allegedly threw other items, including a spare tire, from another road’s overpass before driving to the I-75 overpass where White was hit.

“After their rock-throwing incident, they climbed back into the van and went to McDonald’s and ate,” he said.

Absolutely brutal story that isn’t funny at all, but has bothered me immensely since I read it yesterday. Last week, five teenagers in Michigan gathered a bunch of rocks and dropped them off an overpass onto the interstate below, God knows why. One of the rocks went through the windshield of a car and killed a father of four. Sickening. My guess would be that they were bored. Bored and miserable. Still, there’s absolutely no excuse for dropping anything off an overpass, let alone 20+ rocks and objects. At some point, one of them should have said “guys, this is dangerous.” And nobody did. What the fuck?

This story reminds me of snow days when I was a kid. I’d get together with my friends from the neighborhood and build snow forts, go sledding, and have snowball fights if the snow made for good packing. Those were the early days, when our crew was innocent and fun. But as the years wore on, our mischief took on a more nefarious design. I remember one specific snow day where one of the kids suggested we throw snowballs at passing cars. It was a residential street, and they were probably only going about 20-30MPH, but it was still a complete dickhead thing to do. Even at that age, I remember thinking, “this seems like a dumb idea.” I’d like to say that I didn’t partake, but I had the best arm and could hit the road from way farther back. This meant I could stand deeper than the shitty, weaker kids and thus, if a driver decided to chase us down, I would have the biggest head start. Survival of the fittest. Pretty sure we threw a couple before someone said, “hey, my mom’s making hot chocolate and my older brother bought me a the new Playboy!” That was the end of snowball-car targeting.

While throwing snowballs at cars going 20 on a quiet, low-traffic street is a dick move, it pales in comparison to dropping 20-pound boulders onto a freeway. I can’t get my head around that. That’s some terrorist shit. I’m glad the court is hitting this crew of maniacs with the full force of the law, prosecuting them as adults. Fuck them.

Here is the GoFundMe page if you’d like to help the family raise money for the father’s funeral.