Quick Shifts 10/24: Turns Out The NHL Has A Marketing Problem. Who'da Thought?

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In some aspects, I get it. Hockey is more of a team sport than anything. You can market a big time quarterback matchup in the NFL because those individual players have way more of an impact on the game than anybody else. You can market a LeBron vs Whoever matchup in the NBA because basketball is an individual sport that just so happens to have teams. I’m almost positive that the only answer you’d get from anybody on Pittsburgh and Edmonton about last night is that it was a game between the Penguins and the Oilers, not Crosby vs McDavid. So in that regard, yes, I get why the NHL would shy away from marketing this as an individual rivalry even though they constantly try to shove Crosby vs Ovechkin down our throats.

But still. These are the two best players in the world and they only get to play against each other twice a year (unless they meet in the Final). And what do you put on national television instead of 87 vs 97? A 1-0 Sabres vs Red Wings game? Holy shit. And then you wonder why you always hear people talking about soccer or esports eventually surpassing hockey in popularity here in the US. Anyway, we talk about Penguins/Oilers, Superman Punches, Adrian Kempe’s silky mitts, and the Arizona Coyotes are chasing history… for the worst start ever.

Scores From Around The League, Tuesday 10/24:

Ducks 6 @ Flyers 2 — ANA +120

Oilers 1 @ Penguins 2 (OT) — PIT -160

Coyotes 3 @ Islanders 5 – NYI -200

Lightning 5 @ Hurricanes 1 — TBL +100

Red Wings 0 @ Sabres 1 — BUF -125

Kings 3 @ Senators 2 (SO) — LAK +115

Panthers 1 @ Canadiens 5 — MTL -140

Flames 3 @ Predators 2 (SO) – CAL +135

Canucks 1 @ Wild 0 — VAN +165

Stars 3 @ Avalanche 5 – COL +115

Blackhawks 2 @ Golden Knights 4 — VGK +150

NHL Schedule, Wednesday 10/25:

Calgary @ St. Louis (8pm)

Buffalo @ Columbus -235 (8pm)