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Mia Khalifa Tried To Warm Up To JuJu Smith-Schuster On Twitter And Ol' Juju Was Having None Of It


Juju Smith-Schuster has had a hell of a run the last few months. Over the summer he was the guy with the funny name you laughed at when you saw it during your fantasy draft. Once the season started, he was the guy that had a highlight here or there and you again laughed at his name. Then he appears to be the reason Martavis Bryant doesn’t want to play another snap in Pittsburgh (not because he wants to get busted for weed AGAIN, but because he wants a trade). And yesterday he became the NFL player that lost his bike and started an internet revolution one video and meme at a time.

#TeamJuju for life.

But now Juju is even more than that. He is the latest to hang an L Mia Khalifa, who is simply one of the worst Twitter people ever. She’s not a troll in the sense of she says fucked up shit in peoples’ mentions just to be an asshole. But she’s just someone that you hate seeing on your timeline. Basically it goes Skip Bayless at 1, Mia at 2. It started with her airing guys out for DM’ing her. Then Baker Mayfield flipped the script by airing her out and blocking her. Then we had the whole Gilbert Arenas fake airing of DMs to promote a show or blog or something they are doing together. And now JuJu’s tweet and subsequents gif can end it once and for all. We can officially be #done with Mia Khalifa on Twitter if even young Juju has the wisdom to want nothing to do with her. No more OMG retweets or shock that she is going after another athlete. I didn’t even want to blog about this to be honest, but it’s hard to turn down blogging about a guy named JuJu Smith-Schuster. Just say that name out loud in your cubicle. I’ll wait.

See, it brings a smile to your face, right? Everything he says is instantly funnier just because of his name, too. I’m a sucker for any good gif. But a good gif tweeted by a guy named JuJu Smith-Schuster is instantly 1000 times funnier. And since every other receiver the Steelers draft turns into a star, we’ll probably be seeing a lot of Juju over the next decade and I cannot wait.

Now lets go find Juju’s fucking bike!

UPDATE: It’s been found!!!