The Superman Punch Has Made It's Way To The NHL

So earlier in the 1st period tonight of the Flyers vs Anaheim game, Radko Gudas and Kevin Bieksa had a little dust up after the whistle. Both guys dropped the mitts and were ready to go but since linesman in the NHL have grown softer and softer, they didn’t let the fight happen. So both Gudas and Bieksa went to the box for matching 2-minute minors. The second they each got out of the box, the fight was on. And… well… well let’s just say it didn’t go Radko Gudas’ way.

Bieksa breaks out the Superman Punch and takes down Gudas with just one shot. Now for a while, I thought that this was the first time that the Superman Punch was thrown on ice. But I was wrong. This wasn’t even the first time that Kevin Bieksa threw a superman punch on the ice. Hell, it wasn’t even the first time he’s done it against the Flyers.

That son of a bitch.

P.S. – I will be writing an very lengthy, extremely scathing letter to the DoPS tomorrow morning.