Jenn Sterger Outlines In Detail How She Was Allegedly Sexually Harassed By High Ranking ESPN Employees

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First of all there’s no fist pumping over these allegations that Jenn Sterger dropped on Twitter today.  No woman should EVER be treated like what she is describing.   Everybody knows ESPN is hypocritical.   There’s no joy in having it proven at the expense of someone else.

The phrasing of that tweet though?  It’s infuriating.  “Just as bad” as outright, blatant sexual harassment.  It can’t be overstated how off base that parallel is.  This situation that Sterger describes?  It would never, EVER happen at Barstool.  Not even remotely close. Not one single woman who has ever walked through our door has felt uncomfortable or had one bad thing to say about us.  Not one.  Not any guest and not any employee.  Dave mentions it in every speech he gives but I wish he would just repeat it over and over to hammer it home – no woman who has worked with us, for us, or just met us in person has had a negative comment to say about our conduct and level of respect.

OBVIOUSLY things have been written and tweeted and podcasted at Barstool that are offensive to women.  There have been personal attacks.   We aren’t stupid.  There are plenty of people that have every right to have a legitimate gripe with us.   We offend any and everyone.  Our comedy, our jokes, our satire, our shoot the shit attitude is certainly not for everyone.   But that’s what our purpose is.  To make comedy, jokes, satire.  To shoot the shit and not worry about being PC. To equate that to men using their power to blatantly sexually harass women in real life and leave them crying in a car ride home is just flat out wrong to do.

Here is Dave, Kevin and Pat’s take on the situation: