Pro Wrestler Elias Trolled the Fuck Out of the Green Bay Crowd Last Night on RAW, "Anything is strong compared to Aaron Rodgers' collarbone"

This guy just became public enemy #1. Fuck this guy Elias. I stopped watching wrestling years ago and have no idea who this guy is, but from my understanding he just carries around a guitar and sings some songs and loses a ton of matches (including the one right after this cute little performance). You don’t go into the beautiful city of Green Bay and troll their fans who are the nicest people in the world. Green Bay Packers fans don’t do anything wrong to anyone, you never hear a bad thing out of Lambeau, but in comes this asshole Elias ripping on the strength of Aaron Rodgers’ collarbone?

“That’s a pretty strong response. But, then again, anything is strong compared to Aaron Rodger’s collarbone.”

FUCK YOU DUDE. I won’t stand for this. If the Green Bay faithful had any sort of bad bone in their body they would have lit Elias on fire in the arena. Imagine if this happened in a place like Philadelphia? I mean Elias would be dead. He would be on to the other world. What about New England? Maybe his whole bloodline would be gone. I hope Aaron was watching this or gets wind of it today. The last thing the NFL needs is a motivated Aaron Rodgers, pissed off at the smallest of things like this, ready to set fire to the world.

Oh remember the last time Rodgers broke his collarbone and came back to save the season?

Don’t mess with Aaron. He’ll be back just in time to save the Packers season and hopefully troll back at Elias.