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Jonathan Quick Should Seek Out Ron Hextall To Be His Mentor

Darth Vader needed Palpatine to learn his full potential. Luke needed Obi-Wan and Yoda. So now, Jonathan Quick needs Ron Hextall in order to bring out his full potential.

Johnny Quick is a total psychopath. We’ve all known this for a while now. He’s played in 499 career NHL games and I’m willing to bet that he’s smashed damn near 499 sticks across the posts during that time. He’s the last of a dying breed. Unfortunately, his psycho tendancies got him in a little bit of trouble last night after taking this “roughing” penalty in the final 2 minutes of the game while the Kings were down by 1.

First of all, such a weak penalty. Interference? Maybe. But you’ve got Leo Komarov flying through the air coming right into Quick’s kitchen. This game was being played in Toronto. I don’t know what their “Stand Your Ground” laws are but I’m pretty sure Jonathan Quick has every right to keep Komarov out of the crease there. But that’s besides the point. Because what I saw last night is a goalie who is conflicted. A goalie who still wrestling around in his own mind whether he wants to be good or if he wants to be bad. That little bit of hesitation in this fake slash shows me everything.

He wants to bring the pain. He wants to let the darkness take over. Which is where Ron Hextall comes to play.

The master himself. 584 career penalty minutes in 608 career games. Felix Potvin. Chris Chelios. An endless list of victims. Who better to mentor Jonathan Quick’s last stage of training than Hexy? Nobody. That’s who. It makes too much sense. At least the theory of it all. The logistics are going to be a little tough considering Quick still has like 5 more seasons in LA on his contract. But the world works in mysterious ways. And something tells me the universe will bring these two together at some point. The world deserves a completely unchained Jonathan Quick. Only Hextall can get that out of him.