A Boston Group Plans to 'Scream Helplessly at the Sky' to Protest Trump


SourceOn Nov. 8, the event “Scream helplessly at the sky on the anniversary of the election,” will take place in Boston to mark the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton. So far, more than 4,400 people have RSVPed on Facebook, with another 33,000 more making themselves as “interested.”

“Come express your anger at the current state of democracy, and scream helplessly at the sky!,” reads a terse event description.

In a democracy, there are innumerable ways to respond when an election doesn’t go the way you want. And I’d like to applaud Julia Helene and Johanna Schulman and all 33,000 people on board “Scream Helplessly at the Sky on the Anniversary of the Election” for finding the exact best one.

You might ask what good will it do. Or suggest they’d be better off working for an opposition candidate to run in the next election. But who are you? Millard Fillmore? Signing petitions, organizing grassroots movements, going to Candidate’s Nights and getting out the vote is so 1800s. That’s powdered wig shit. This is the 21st century, sister. Nobody has time for that. And besides, the next POTUS election isn’t for three more years. That’s like 2 1/2 seasons of This is Us from now.

Representative government and free elections open to all are way too much work. And if John Adams or JFK were around today, you can be damned sure they’d be joining a Facebook group and taking the T down to the Common to throw a hysterical hissy fit in the park too. So thank you, SHATSOTAOTE. I’m sure this will start a movement of sympathizers and won’t in any way help Trump by making his otherwise legitimate opposition look stupid. And when America is saved, we will not forget that it was your emotional, childish, empty symbolic gesture that did it.