Republican Senator Bob Corker Unleashes On President Trump On Video Calling Him Completely Incompetent


Allow me to set the scene here a little bit. This morning, President Trump went on a rant on twitter.

I know. I know. You’re surprised. So was I. But here’s what the President said:

Normal enough. It’s not often enough that a fella cant get elected to dog catcher while he’s a sitting US Senator but for some reason, I believe Trump. No reason not to.

Bob didnt feel that way. Luckily, we got a live look at Bob when he heard the news.

Flowers ruined! That stinks. After Bob calmed down, he delivered some remarks.

Goodness gracious. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

Never in my life have I seen a Senator from the President’s own party say things like Bob Corker did today. I’m sure the President will have a reasoned response that isn’t filled with name-calling and insults. Looking forward to it!

My favorite part of the interview with Senator Corker is that he has lunch today with the President. When Corker walks in the room and Trump sees him, I bet the reaction is gonna be all time.