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The Video Comes Out Of Deshone Kizer Having The Most Harmless Club Night Ever

Check out the video of Cleveland Browns QB DeShone Kizer partying in the wee hours of the morning before the game. The video, a Tailgate 19 exclusive [Cleveland19]

Wait this was on a FRIDAY?  The whole time this story was going down I thought it was on Saturday night.  I guess I didn’t read closely enough.  I mean I don’t think it’s a lame square take to say staying at the club until 1:30AM on the night before a game is a horrible look, that’s a pretty acceptable opinion to form.   But we’re talking 2 nights earlier?  Two??  The kid is 21 years old!  Your hangovers last like 25 minutes when you’re 21.    If this was 30 year old Matt Ryan then you’d maybe have more of an argument, a 1:30 AM club night with bottles involved, we’re talking a 2.5 day hangover there, minimum.  [Speaking from experience folks.]  But 21 year old Deshone Kizer popping a few bottles on a Friday night, not breaking any rules, not breaking any laws, not being late for workouts the next day?  Non story.  Plus not letting the quarterback of the Cleveland Browns drink-to-forget has got to be against the NFLPA’s human rights convention or something.

Social media continues to be the worst enemy ever created for professional athletes.