Woman Proposes To Her Long-Term Boyfriend And I'm Sick About It

Sometimes salt in the wounds stings. This is one of those times. My wife and I have been married for over eight years now. For each of those eight years, I have been waiting patiently for her to pop the question. The question has never come, but the hurt has been bountiful.

Imagine my pain when I logged on to twitter last night only to see the luckiest man in the world getting proposed to by his leading lady. Undeniably, my initial thought was the rush of romance blowing over my body like wind through my hair during a hurricane. When the eye of love’s hurricane blew through my heart, I regretted not shuttering my soul before I checked twitter. But there I was. I was on the shore of my soul’s discontent getting beat down by the grace and hopefulness of another’s love. Sad.

I will not go on and on about my jealousy. I will mention that not only did this fella get proposed to, but he got to enjoy some delicious chips and dip (salsa) afterward. Feels like he was piling on my misery. I love chips and dip! And you know what they say, “where the chips and salsa are, so will the margaritas be also.” Our pal got engaged, ate some chips and dip, drank down some margaritas, called his pals to share the wonderful news, and probably had a little sex. You know what I did last night? It wasn’t getting engaged, eating chips and dip or drinking margaritas; I didn’t call any of my pals. This is what I did.


Sure, it was wonderful. The winter storms in Alaska were unusually heavy. Obviously, the heavy storms created a new set of obsticles for the people of Alaska to deal with, but that’s what they do best. They improvise, adapt, and overcome adversity. They pick themselves up by their bootstraps just a little bit higher, tilt their chins high in the sky, and get the work of the day done. Kinda feels like what I’m doing by blogging the morning after my wife of eight years didn’t propose to me yet again. Wow. Incredible work by me through my own personal blizzard of love. And you. Thank you. Namaste.