How To Handle Being A Philly Sports Fan Right Now


I’d say that Philly sports hit their lowest point in 2015. The 7-9 Eagles were a team with zero identity after Chip Kelly gutted them down to nothing. We knew what we were getting out of the Sixers since they were in the middle of the tank. But between 2014-2016, the team still only won 28 games total. The Phillies had 99(!!!) losses in 2015. And the Flyers missed the playoffs in 2014-15, then barely squeaked in the playoffs in 2015-16 only to get worked by the Caps in the 1st round. The city’s only playoff team in that span and it was over in the blink of an eye. Looking back on it now, I’m surprised we didn’t all just kill ourselves.

It’s felt like a lifetime since then. And in that time, Philly fans have had to constantly defend the direction the teams in this city were heading. Sixers fans had to continuously defend The Process. Flyers fans have had to continuously defend all the prospects that were still waiting to get called up. Eagles fans have had to battle guys like Cian Fahey and tell him that he’s wrong about Carson Wentz, and that Carson is going to be an elite quarterback in this league. Philly sports were no longer teams that you just went to the stadiums to cheer for. Philly fans have been soldiers over the last few years constantly at battle with the rest of the country. And last night–for the first time–it felt real. Like we always knew what was eventually going to happen with these teams but last night was the first time that Philly fans no longer needed to defend their teams, everybody else just finally believed them.

Think about what happened last night.

The Sixers got their first win of the season. And in just his 4th career game, Ben Simmons got his 1st career triple-double. Only 2 other players in league history have recorded a triple-double within their first 4 games before. And oh yeah, on top of that, Joel Embiid decided to go out there and throw up 30 points in the process.

The Eagles moved to 6-1 and Carson Wentz cemented himself as a legitimate MVP candidate in the league this year. There’s not a single person who watched that game last night who could have any doubts about this kid anymore.

And then rewinding the clock a little bit to the Flyers last game on Saturday,

Val Filppula makes a great cut through the crease, finds Weezy F Simmonds in the slot and the Flyers knock off Connor McDavid and the Edmonton Oilers. Fancy stats have the Flyers finishing within the top 6 for points in the league this year.

So what now? Life is obviously good for Philly sports fans right now but it’s only October. How in the actual fuck are we supposed to keep this up until February? Until June? This is Philadelphia. Things aren’t supposed to work out for us like this. We saw it last night with Jason Peters and Jordan Hicks both going down. I feel like everybody is constantly waiting for the wrong Jenga blocked to be pulled and the whole thing to topple down. At the very best, we’ve been hurt so much over the last 10 years that we only allow ourselves to be cautiously optimistic. It’s that mindset that has dubbed the city “Negadelphia”. But what I’m here to say is fuck it, it’s time that Philly sports fans can start cheering for their teams with reckless abandon. Time to throw caution to the wind the way that Carson threw that long ball to Mack Daddy Hollins.


When is the last time you remember being able to listen to sports talk radio in this city without it sounding more like a suicide hotline? When is the last time you could go down to the stadium and see people drinking in the parking lots for fun and not just because they need to get blackout drunk to watch these teams? When is the last time you could walk through the city and see people wearing orange or green or blue or red with their chin up and their chest out proud? Maybe sometime around 2008-2010?

Obviously Philly isn’t going to come in and win 3 championships this season. It’s inevitable that one of these teams are going to fail at some point throughout the year. But just enjoy the ride, folks. Because we’ve already seen the teams in this city hit their lowest points. What last night symbolized is that there’s at least a decade of success on the way for Philly sports. You don’t need to freak out about every little thing that goes wrong anymore because there is going to be another team in this city to pick you up. You don’t need to freak out about every little thing that goes wrong anymore because these teams are all set up for the future and they’ll all have another chance next season. There are legitimate stars on all 4 teams. And last night showed us that you’re going to have a lot more fun if you just sit back and enjoy the show instead of constantly checking over your shoulder for something to go wrong.

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