The Philadelphia Eagles Are Going To Defeat The New England Patriots In Super Bowl LII

6-1. 1st in the NFC East. 1st in the NFC. 1st in the NFL. Basically a lock for the playoffs. This D-Line is the TRUTH. Malcolm Jenkins is the closest thing to Brian Dawkins since Brian Dawkins. Carson Wentz is the legitimate MVP in his SECOND year in the most sacred position in all of professional sports. A league leading 17 TDs (and only 4 INTs) for the team with the best record in the NFL. Plus he’s a walking highlight film. Amazing. Credit to Doug for getting this team playing balls to the bone, yet AGAIN. This team, man. This team has got it all right now. Let’s see it last.

More tomm. Here’s highlights now to help keep it in the pants. Key word: Help. Do as you must.


PS – Wake up, kick ass, repeat.

PPS – Suck it, Eric. Suck it hard. Kirk likes that.

PPPS – Hop on the Wagon.