Carson Wentz Does It All As The Redskins Lose In Philly

Man, I’ll tell ya what- that Carson Wentz cat, he’s pretty freaking good. Really, really good. The way he moves in the pocket and finds open field to extend plays is second to none. He can make all the throws. And he put on a show tonight vs the Skins depleted secondary. I mean, what can ya say? He put the Eagles on his back and showed why he’s the front runner for MVP right now.

The Skins, woof. I hated the playcalling. I don’t know why Gruden does half the shit he does. The injuries on the Oline and the secondary have piled up to a point where they pulled a beer vendor in to play in the nickel packages. It was a brutal, ugly game. Flags everywhere, injuries everywhere, terrible 3rd downs- it stunk! Poor Morgan Moses I’m pretty sure was playing on a broken ankle, I have no idea how he was doing it. And Scherff leaving the game sucked too, hoping he’s alright.

So now we’re 3-3 with Dallas and Seattle on the horizon. Rough schedule for a banged up squad. Hopefully people can heal up and get the win over Dallas next week, otherwise the playoffs will be hard to find.