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Redskins at Eagles - Do It For Vanny - Live Blog

This is a tough game. No, not because it’s the Eagles. But because it’s so soon after today’s news. I don’t know what I can say about it but I’m none too pleased. My pals worked way too hard to get treated like this. They’ll be fine, I know they will, but right now it sucks. So what do we need? For the Redskins to do the damn thing. Do what Vanny would have wanted and win this football game. It won’t be simple. It won’t be easy. But the Skins can dig deep and win this thing on the road. I’ve been to the Linc and seen a Redskins win. I was nearly blacked out on RBVs, good times. So we need Kirk, Chris, Jordan, and everyone else to channel their inner-RBV and lead the Skins to victory. It’s go time. Do it for Vanny.