Sean Payton Promised Every Saints Player Pedicures Who Wore Uncomfortable Screw-In Cleats During Sunday's Game

Well that’s an interesting reward for a football team. Imagine that pump-up speech… “Hey guys if you go out there and wear these cleats so you don’t slip we’ll all get a mani-pedi!” Man card! Coming from a guy that’s never gotten one of these I guess I can’t relate to the work it does on your feet, but I’m sure it feels great. Screw-in cleats hurt like a bitch because the cleat itself is actually screwed into the bottom and actually presses against your heel causing pain if you wear them too long. The field at Lambeau on Sunday was pretty slippery so Payton wanted his guys wearing the right shit understandably. It worked as all the Saints rocked the cleats and beat Green Bay in convincing fashion 26-17. After the game all the Saints players were talking about their upcoming foot massage,

I might have to get myself one of these ASAP. Shout out Rex Ryan and Steph Curry