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Halloween Season Means Only One Thing - Guess That Costume!!!

Ah yes, Halloween. The most glorious time of the year. I for one love it the most because it’s the official kick-off of Fall/Winter holiday season.  Once you get to Halloween, you’re staring all the good holidays right in the face- Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Years. And shit, then we have the Super Bowl, then March Madness, then the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Halloween is when all the sports are in full swing, candy is falling from the sky like delicious sugary rain, and you can wear flannels around the clock. And girls wear those cute little knitted beanie hats which are just so freakin cute.

But Halloween also means another thing- attractive young ladies get to STUNT. Stunt, stunt, stunt. They get to take everything off and turn necks to the point of paralyzation. As a child Halloween is about getting candy, in college Halloween is the best thing to ever happen to you, and now as a washed up adult I just watch from afar as Instagram models put on a Halloween clinic.

So join me in playing this game- Guess That Costume! First up is the above, Lindsey Pelas. She went with the classic silverish-blue lingerie, thigh highs, lace sleeves, headband, and a choker.

Here’s a reverse angle to help you guess:


Well the answer is……..


And you know what, now that I look at Cinderella…she kinda nailed it?

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 1.28.37 PM

Who knew Cinderella wore a choker? What a minx!

Tune in tomorrow for our next installment. If you see a good one on Insta, shoot me a line on email or Twitter.