Remember The Monday Night Massacre? Let Us Reminisce, Together

Memories. Where were you when one of the biggest bloodbaths in the history of the professional gridiron occured? What glorious, fantastic recollections of a surreal 2010 season (that of course ended in the first round of the playoffs). Shady. D-Jax. Kurt Coleman. Hey, remember Moise Fokou? Me neither. What a time to be alive.

But for real that was one of the most enjoyable Eagles games to watch. Ever. As for tonight, the line sits at -5.5. More importantly, this:

A W will almost guarantee a playoff spot for the Eagles. And they’d basically be a win vs. Dallas away from clinching the entire NFC East. That’s assuming any sort of epic collapse, of course. But judging by how things are going it would need to be 2007 Mets level of shitting themselves.

Live it up tonight, Philly. We’ve got a live pre-game periscope coming from the Philly bar in NYC coming at 7:45 featuring Lightswitch Lou and his pure anxiety. Let’s get it.