Reliving Every Yankees Postseason Home Run Because I'm Depressed

Today SUCKS. So, I’m gonna do this because it’s gonna help you and I feel a little better. At the end of the day this playoff run the Yankees just had was fucking awesome and brought back life to Yankee Stadium. Yes, it ended abruptly short this past weekend, but I think it would be cool to relive some of these awesome moments. Enjoy.

Didi’s homer in the Wild Card game dug this team out of a big hole Severino put us in. It was exactly what they needed.

Gardner put the Yanks on top with this shot.

Judge Homer sent Yankee Stadium into a frenzie with this blast to left.

Gary Sanchez gave Corey Kluber a nice welcome greeting into the ALDS with this jolt to center.

Aaron Hicks mammoth homer run in Game 2 that SHOULD HAVE put the game away.

Greg Bird’s blast in game 2.

Greg Bird’s titanic shot to right that awoke the Bronx Zoo. Loudest I’ve heard the stadium in forever. I’ve watched this shot at least 100 times.

Gary Sanchez missile to right.

Didi Gregorious’ two bombs off Kluber in Game 5. All the Yanks needed to move on and bury the Indians.

Greg Bird homer to right in Game 1.

Todd Frazier’s impossible homer to right that barely got out. Still don’t know how this left the yard.

Aaron Judge mash to left putting the game out of reach.

Aaron Judge getting the crazy rally started in game 4 with this bomb to center. McCullers’ reaction was priceless.

Gary Sanchez. Bat Flip 100/10

Aaron Judge blast to left center. The last home run of the New York Yankees season.


Ugh, I loved this team. Is March here yet? Buy a shirt in remembrance.