John McCain Chirps Trump For Draft Dodging

The HillIn total, Trump received five deferments from the draft during the Vietnam War due to heel spurs, bone protrusions caused by a calcium buildup.

The comments come after Trump and the senator, who has emerged as one of the president’s most vociferous GOP critics, exchanged brief but heated words following a speech McCain gave last week criticizing “half-baked, spurious nationalism.”

Look, John McCain doesn’t have the temperament or the anger to really boom roast anybody so this is as close as it gets. This is the best he’s got. Him taking 40 seconds to say fuck Trump for draft dodging is the biggest dig McCain’s ever taken and it’s not even close. I’m glad we were all here to see it. Getting real for a second, there’s just not much you can say back to McCain here. We’re dealing with a war hero, a 5-year prisoner of war, a man who was tortured yet still refused early return, a 35-year public servant recently diagnosed with brain cancer chirping the billionaire sitting president for playing the old doctor’s note card to get out of war.

Those aren’t anti-anyone comments those are just facts. If you’re Trump you gotta sit this one out (lol no pun intended). Gotta ignore it. I mean if you’re rich and you’ve got the ability to make a quick phone call that gets you out of war, you probably take it. Hard to not play that card and Trump played it. Not the most patriotic thing ever but it keeps you safe.

Of course Trump won’t sit this one out because he never sits anything out. In fact, on this here Monday, we’ve got Trump fighting with both our cancer-fighting war hero senator AND a pregnant Gold Star widow.

Guy just lives to duke it out in the mud no matter who he’s duking it out with. Sort of ironic actually.