The Strange Saga Between Demario And Corinne Continued Over The Weekend

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 9.39.40 AM

Around and around we go! Corinne and Demario magically showing up in the same places and taking pictures once again! I’m starting to get pissed about this. I don’t care if Demario and Corinne are dating. I don’t care if they aren’t dating. I don’t even care if it was all a publicity stunt to get ratings for Bachelor In Paradise (looking more and more like a possibility but I believe in true love so I still don’t think it was a publicity stunt). Just tell us if you’re dating or not. That’s it. Throw us a bone. Give us an affirmative or a negative. The two of them keep showing up in the same places and the same times but there’s never any confirmation.

Now you might be saying, “Dude you’re an idiot. Of course they’re dating. Look at that picture. That’s the picture of a couple” and you would be more wrong than you’ve ever been in your life. Why? Cause that’s not a couples costume. I know very little about the female sex but I know that, when you’re a couple, you wear a couples costume. That’s the law. Corinne is a fembot, right? Well then Demario would need to be Austin Powers or Dr. Evil or Number Two. Demario is a biker boy, right? Well then Corinne would need to be a biker chick or Gemma Teller. Figure it the fuck out.

PS- Say what you want about Corinne but she’s a smooooooooooooke. She looks great.