The Browns Are Bad Because DeShone Kizer Went To A Bar Over The Weekend

Uh ohhhhhh…looks like we finally have gotten to the bottom of why the Browns are bad. Is it because they drafted QBs Brandon Weeden and Johnny Football in the first round, and then passed over Wentz and Watson? No, that can’t be it. Is it because the best player they’ve had in the last decade is an alcoholic druggie? Certainly not. Is it because they still won’t give RG3 another shot? Nah, wouldn’t make sense. The Browns are bad for one reason and one reason only- because DeShone Kizer went to the bar on Friday night! - DeShone Kizer’s late Friday night out at a bar rankled coach Hue Jackson following Sunday’s 12-9 overtime loss to the Titans.

Kizer, who slipped to 0-6 as a starter, was replaced by Cody Kessler in the third quarter after throwing back-to-back interceptions for a total of 11 this season.

WOIO Channel 19 obtained video of Kizer socializing at a downtown Cleveland establishment at 1:30 Saturday morning, when seven or eight real-time Snapchat stories from the bar surfaced at that time with Kizer in them.

The Browns practiced mid-Saturday afternoon in preparation for Sunday’s game, the only day of the week the players and coaches don’t have to be the facility early.

“It means a lot to me,” Jackson said of his rookie QB being out that late on a work night. “A guy’s personal time is his personal time, but I still think that’s not what our guys do. I think our guys work at what they do, and I’d be surprised if that happened. I have never heard of that. I don’t think DeShone has that kind of character or personality that way. That’s what it is.”

Asked about the video, Kizer said, “I’m not here to talk about my personal life right now.”

Pressed on if the late-night socializing shows a lack of commitment, Kizer said, “Absolutely not. I was out. I was at the facility the next day, preparing for the game. Once again, I am not here to talk about my personal life.”

Kizer’s night out  — which may have included some teammates — came hours after he showed maturity by calling a players-only offensive meeting to get the unit on the same page heading into the Titans game.

Well damn. There we have it. DeShone Kizer went out 2 night before a game, someone took a Snapchat of him, and that’s why the Browns are now 0-7. Now yes, I understand the idea behind it- you don’t see Tom Brady out at the bar on Friday nights. Sure. But my point is the Browns are bad because they are the Browns. Only the Browns would pass over a guy like Carson Wentz, who would only be caught going to church too late on a Friday. Only the Browns would let a 1,000 yard WR in Terrelle Pryor walk and try to replace him with Kenny Britt, who has 10 catches for 128 yards this season. Only the Browns would draft Trent Richardson, somehow trade him for a first round pick, and then use that pick to draft Johnny Manziel.

It’s actually quite amazing how bad the Browns really are. Like…I know we talk about it a lot, but have you ever actually sat down and looked at it, thought about it, reflected on it, prayed over it, and just sat there in disbelief?

Take a looksee:

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 9.04.20 AM

Since 1999, the Browns have had a winning record TWICE. Kids born in 1999 are in college now. And the Browns are 87-208 in that time, including this season. Not counting the inevitable result of this season, 9 times they’ve won 4 or fewer games. 13 times they’ve won 5 or fewer. Think about that. 18 full seasons- 13 times they’ve won 5 or fewer games. It’s just so repulsively bad. I would venture to say a mathematician could run numbers and present an argument that it’s statistically impossible to be as historically bad as the Browns have been.

So I guess my point is, the Browns aren’t bad because Kizer went to the bar. That’s just what guys on the Browns do. It’s part of being on the Browns. Winning teams have winning cultures where 21 year old struggling QBs aren’t partying in the wee-hours of the night, and the Browns don’t have that. They figure they are going to lose anyway, so what does it matter if they do an additional 9 Fireball shots?

At the end of the day, DeShone Kizer is an adult and can be at the bar if he feels like it. But when he’s pulled for Cody Kessler, it’s going to be really easy to point to something like this as the reason Kizer has a 47.8 passer rating to go with his 3 TDs and 11 INTs. Yes, he probably shouldn’t be starting this season anyway, but need I remind you, we’re talking about the Browns. If there is a career to be sabotaged before it even gets started, that’s your destination. Cleveland- your one stop shop for all things ruining NFL careers. At least he gets it already. The first step is acceptance.