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I Want To Be Friends With George W Bush So Badly

Fucking Dubya, what a legend. What a beauty. I would do anything to just be friends with George W Bush. Just be buddies. Imagine that? Imagine the texts you’d get from him? Little topical one-liners every couple days? Imagine if he figured out memes and gifs and shit? I could text with a meme’ing, gif’ing George W Bush all day every day. Solid golfer too. Basically I’ve come to the conclusion that there is not a single person on earth I’d rather have as my life-in-retirement buddy than George W Bush. If I were 55+ and retired he’d be my no. 1 guy and it’s not even close. Every day we’d play a morning round, grab some lunch beers, FaceTime the grandkids, then make some philanthropic appearances with our pals Barry and Slick Willy. What a life. What a crew these three are. Post-presidency presidents continue to be the coolest mofos in the country.

via Hillary’s book, talking about Trump’s inauguration speech: