Martavis Bryant REALLY Wants To Be Traded

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After taking the proper channels to request a trade earlier this month, through his agent and the Steelers’ front office, Martavis decided to take a new route today by putting it directly on front street in the open on the Gram. Some Joey Votto fan account, which has since been deleted, comes at you from the clouds and says a 20-year old rookie is better than you at sports, you simply cannot let that stand. A man’s gotta have a code. And since Martavis is entirely too close to getting the Josh Gordon unofficial-but-official lifetime ban for the weed, he can’t self-medicate to calm his nerves and stop himself from becoming mad online. He’s found himself in quite the quagmire as you can see.

All of his teammates are playing Hide & Seek with JuJu, Joey Votto Instagram fan pages are coming at your neck, AND you can’t smoke? Ts & Ps to you, Martavis.