JuJu Smith-Schuster Is The Top Celebrator In The NFL

No disrespect to Odell Beckham, Antonio Brown and Von Miller, but there’s a new celebration king in town. This Hide & Seek is an easy 10/10. Light hearted, creative, as enjoyable for the whole family as a new Pixar movie. But this is hardly Juju’s first dip into the celebration waters. He doesn’t even have to score to get in on the fun. This guy’s just been simply a joy ever since he stepped foot in Pittsburgh.

PS – Juju’s not just celebrating without backing it up. The man is on a record setting pace as far as receivers are concerned. Marty Norton better watch his back now that Juju’s only two shy of the Marty “The Nort Man” Norton. Juju doesn’t turn 21 until November 22, and with Martavis Bryant asking for a trade, Marty’s long standing record is about to be up outta here.

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