Young Stud Gets A Kiss With Someone Who's Either His Mom, Sister, Or Girlfriend


I gotta be honest, fellas. I’m treading lightly because I don’t wanna be inappropriate/problematic. That being said, what in the sweet Jesus is happening here? Is that this kid’s mom? His sister? His girlfriend? His, heaven forbid, side piece?

Things happen in the heat of a football game. Hell, sporting events, in general, can bring out the worst/best in us. Everyone knows that.

If it is the mom, the kid is too old for a kiss on the lips in public, right? I’m a pretty progressive fella but you gotta be done with mouth kisses with your children at some point. The young, painted Jaguars fan is at that point. He’s not as old as Tom Crean’s kid or Tom Brady but it still uncomfortable to look at.



If you are gonna kiss your older kids, which I don’t recommend, you gotta purse your lips like they are a butthole filled to the brim with diarrhea. Nothing is getting between your lips. Nothing. Way too open here. Again, sports. But come on. This hand placement and mouth openness are just too damn much.