Mitch Trubisky Leads Bears To Back To Back Victories (Sort Of)

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 3.49.01 PM

Now, I know what you’re thinking. 4-7 passing for 107 yards (70 on one play) aren’t exactly HUGE numbers but a win is a win and the facts are Mitch Trubisky is 2-1 as a starting Quarterback in the NFL. He lead the Bears to victory, that is an indisputable fact. Suck it haters.

Now for what really happened in this game, the Defense BALLED out. Eddie Jackson is the new Mike Brown, returning not one but two turnovers for a touchdown.

The D-Line gets pressure, Floyd is a beast, Hicks is an animal and Kyle Fuller, yes Kyle Fuller the guy that the Bears almost gave up on is looking like the first round pick he is. It’s bizarre seeing a competent Bears Defense but that’s what we have. The Bears have officially moved back to the better than bad and worse than good category. They’re frisky. You catch them on the wrong Sunday and they’ll make you pay. End of the day though, Sundays are fun again. Let’s Go. Bear down.

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Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 3.49.01 PM