Last Night In The NBA: Warriors Temper Tantrums And Giannis Is A God

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Welcome back to another edition of Last Night In The NBA where we catch you up on all the cool shit you may have missed from the Association. There were a ton of games last night, 11 in all, so chances are you didn’t see everything. Well, you need time to kill before football, so allow me to fill you in. Here’s what happened

Raptors 128 Sixers 94

There is only one 0-3 team in the Eastern Conference, and that is the Philadelphia 76ers. Playing on a back to back which meant no Joel Embiid, I’m not sure he even makes a difference. So much was made about how good PHI was going to be this year now that they had all their players back, but losses to WSH, BOS and now TOR show just how far they still have to go. This game was actually close for the first 8 or so minutes, but the Raptors closed strong and it was 36-19 after one. Basically, it was over.

For TOR, they were led by their star SG Demar DeRozen, who had a VERY DeRozen game. 8-12 from the floor, 14-16 from the line, the Sixers could not stop him from getting to his spots if they tried

Lowry did his thing with 17/5/5 and finally Raptors fans were treated to a Serge Ibaka performance they probably thought they’d get more consistently. He was great, 21 points on 7-12 shooting, 5 made threes, 5 rebounds and 2 blocks

For PHI, Simmons continued his strong start to the season. If there were any questions about how good he would be, I think he’s answering them. Another double-double, this time 18/10/8, there’s no denying when healthy, this kid is a beast. He’s the 2nd player ever to record 10+ points/10+ rebounds/5+ assists in his first 3 games. They other? The Big O

Jerryd Bayless continues to be the best guard on this roster, dropping 16 of his own on 5-7 shooting. Prized rookie Markelle Fultz though, man, it’s still struggle city. Just 1-5 in 24 minutes, and this

It’s not time to panic, but at the same time it’s definitely time to panic.


Magic 114 Cavaliers 91

Whoops! In maybe the most shocking game of the night, the Magic HANDLED the Cavs from the opening jump. I’m talkin wire to wire. To put it simply, they had no answer for Vucevic

He finished with 23/7/5, not bad coming off his 41 point performance the game before.

All the sudden the Magic are 2-1 with both wins coming against what will most likely be playoff teams.

For CLE, well, they had Lebron, and that’s about it


He had 22/4 on 8-15, and Love had 19/9, but the three other starters combined for a total of 7 points. Who knew missing DRose would be so catastrophic? On their bench, just Shumpert showed up with 21 points, nobody else had more than 7, and you can’t help but ignore the 114 points allowed on 44/48% splits. This CLE defense is going to be ROUGH

Heat 112 Pacers 108

A pretty entertaining game, I was surprised the Heat were still able to pull this out even with Whiteside out of the lineup. As a team they stepped up, shooting 51% from the floor and had 5 players in double figures. We had an early dunk of the year candidate in James Johnson which was nasty

they blocked everything, a total of 11 on the night which is impressive

while also making 14 threes

Did it sting to see Olynyk go for 13/9 with 3 made threes, and Mickey 8/6? It didn’t not sting.


For IND, even though he was murdered, Oladipo came back to life and scored 28/4/5/4, on 10-23

If you’re a sad Pacers fan, just be happy with the fact that your PG13 pieces actually have started the year pretty well.

Pistons 111 Knicks 107

Another nail biter, this game came down to the last few minutes. For the Pistons, they got big time late shots from both Avery Bradley and Tobias Harris to help fend off one last Knicks run

Drummond did more Drummond things with his 21/12 on 9-11, basically just dunking everything, but after this game you have to be happy with how Harris stepped up. He’s their number one option, but can be passive at times. Not last night. He wanted the ball, and he wanted the shot.

For NY, I mean at this point I am starting to feel really bad for Porzingis and I despise the Knicks. He deserves better


This was also Enes Kanter’s best game as a Knick, sadly his 17/10 wasn’t enough

Spurs 87 Bulls 77

Look I don’t think anyone with a brain thought the Bulls would win this game. But 77 points? In four quarters? That’s not great. But that’ll happen when you have 37/28% splits. For the Spurs, it appears as though LMA is a new player after signing his extension. 28/10 on 12-24 shooting will work

Spurs were lucky they were in CHI, because going 1-12 from deep against a team in the West and not scoring 90 points probably doesn’t work out well for them.

For CHI, it wasn’t pretty, almost everyone was bad, but at least Baby Dirk had 12/13!

We also had some history in this game for CHI. I’m serious! Robin Lopez made his first career three!


I could have sworn he made about 60 during that Celtics series, but I appear to be mistaken

Rockets 107 Mavericks 91

No CP3 no problem. I don’t think this HOU group has lost yet this year, even including preseason. They were for real then, and they are for real now. What stood out about this win, was they were pretty tame from behind the arc, going just 11-47. Didn’t matter though, Harden did what Harden does, and that’s dominate

Eric Gordon filling in as a starter contributed 18 points, Clint Capela continued to break out with 13/10 of his own, and Nene held it down for the bench going 6-6. Between the Rockets and the Astros Houston is dominating the sports world right now.

For DAL, no Dennis Smith Jr, which meant one thing. Yogi Time!!

But then wait! It was also JJ Barea time! Who needs tall PGs!

He had 19 points too, on 7-13 shooting. Sadly though, the Mavs fell to 0-3 in what will most certainly be a long year


Grizzlies 111 Warriors 101

Who saw this coming? Not me, not you, not GS, shit probably not even MEM. But make no mistake, the Warriors were DOMINATED in this game. Marc Gasol was literally unstoppable. Look at this shit!

Combine that with typical lock down MEM defense that held GS to 39/31% splits and 17 TOs, the score makes sense. They got into the Warriors’ heads and that was that.

For GS, sure, Durant had 29, Curry had 37, but Draymond/Klay went a combined 6-22, and when things weren’t going their way, when the refs weren’t giving Steph every call under the sun, he threw a little temper tantrum

and got ejected. Then KD soon followed. So lame. This is now the second time Curry has thrown his mouthguard during one of these fits, imagine how we explain this to our children?

The Warriors are 1-2. Fortunately, 80-2 is still on the table.

Bucks 113 Trail Blazers 110

Out of respect, we’re only talking about Giannis in this recap. My. God. At 22 years old, this dude is COMING for the Lebron Crown.


The ending of this game was straight out of a movie. Miss the FTs, only to come up with a game saving steal, take one dribble from half court and then dunk it. He really is a freak. God damn you Danny Ainge.

For POR, the two guys who could arguably be the best back court in the NBA did their thing, combining for 52 of their 110 points

Nuggets 96 Kings 79

We saw a lot of good basketball last night, this game was not one of them. The Kings failed to score at least 20 points in a quarter until the fourth, but Fox did have a career high 18!

For DEN, I mean it wasn’t that pretty either, but both Millsap and Faried were solid, going for 36 points on 13-21 and 17 rebounds between the two of them


Here’s something that was also very weird. Jokic did not score 1 point. He took just 3 shots. Still helped with 9 boards and 7 assists, but if I could give DEN a bit of advice moving forward, maybe try and get one of the best players in the league involved.

Jazz 96 Thunder 87

In another upset game, the Jazz came out of nowhere to stun the Thunder. They had no answer for Joe Ingles and his 19 points on 7-12 including 5 threes

But they also had no answer for Gobert and his 16/13

Mitchell struggled again, going jsut 1-7, but it didn’t matter.

For OKC, a rare off night for Westbrook (2-11) certainly hurt, and it was really only Melo and PG13 that showed up. No other players were in double figures. This was really all there was worth showing

Clippers 130 Suns 88

Yo, the Suns need to stop losing by almost 50 every time they take the court. I can’t remember a team this bad in recent memory, but holy shit do they stink. Pick a Clipper, any Clipper, and they had a great night. Blake had 29/8, Gallo 12/8, Beverley had 15 with 5 steals, Lou Williams had 18, the list goes on and on


The sad news is Milos hurt is foot and is probably going to be out for a while. This season SUCKS in terms of dudes getting hurt. So annoying.

For PHX, you do not get any sort of praise after this type of performance. No highlights, no nothing. You should be ashamed.

And that’s it, you’re now all caught up on everything that happened Saturday night in the NBA. There are just 3 games today, but if you miss them because of football just make sure to check back here tomorrow to get brought up to speed!