Steph Curry Chucks His Mouthguard At A Ref; Him & Durant Get Ejected As Warriors Fall To The Grizzlies

The Warriors haven’t looked right yet this season and they know it. They’ve gone on runs, they’ve had their spurts, but after losing by 10 to the Memphis Grizzlies they’re now 1-2. They’ll undoubtedly get it together, they have entirely too much talent not to, but to go out specifically like this is weird to see.

This is now the second time Steph Curry has resorted to throwing his mouthguard like a petulant child in frustration after a no call. The first coming in the NBA Finals two years ago, a little bit more understandable than a random Saturday night in Memphis. You’re losing to the Grizzlies a night after barely beating the Pelicans. I get it, not the start to the season you envisioned. But you’re the fucking Golden State Warriors. You’ve played in three straight NBA Finals, won two of them, and entered this season with arguably your deepest bench yet. It’s not even November yet. Calm it down. The refs, from what I’ve seen so far this year, have largely stunk out loud. That will get corrected over the course of the season. Keep your mouthguard half in your mouth, half dangling outside of it like a jackass like you normally do and relax.

As for Durant? C’mon man. We all know how badly you wanted that ring. There’s no inherent shame in wanting one. It’s why they play the games. But you absolutely CANNOT start pointing to your ring finger as some huge taunt when you’re getting ejected in game THREE OF EIGHTY-TWO in a loss at the hands of the Memphis Grizzlies. This isn’t even a game you should remember by the time Halloween rolls around.

Also, let’s not forget that Mario Chalmers is on the Grizzlies. Don’t get too big for your britches and end up getting put on that Summer Jam screen when Rio flexes back with his multiple rings.