The Astros Having This Guy In The Crowd Is The Most Unfair Home Field Advantage Of All Time

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I can’t get enough of this guy. Some fans wear jerseys. Others get the team hat. Some even go as far to wear both. This guy looks down on those people so hard from his ivory tower. I don’t even know where you find an official helmet like that with the ear flap only on one side but this guy has no less than 9 of those at his home, probably a few more in the trunk of his car. Is his wrist taped? Of course his wrist is taped! You think he’s gonna show up to a Game 7 unprepared? What if several Astros succumb to the gout mere minutes before the first pitch and A.J. Hinch needs some fill ins? You think he’s gonna take the guy who *doesn’t* have his wrist taped? LOL. Think again.

Sidenote – I need FS1 checking in on this guy periodically throughout the game. He’s got his batting helmet and gloves on when the Astros are up, I need confirmation that he puts on a hat and a first baseman’s mitt when the Stros are in the field. I already know that’s exactly what he does, I just need to see it.

UPDATE – Absolutely has a glove on his seat, just feels comfortable with this lead. What an icon.