We Go To Game 7, Carsten Charles Sabathia Gets The Ball With The Season on the Line Tomorrow Night in Game 7

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10-0 with a 1.69 ERA after a loss. THE SHOW STOPPER. That’s the man I want on the mound with the season on the line. That’s my fucking guy. I don’t trust a single human being on this Earth with the ball tomorrow night other than Carsten Charles Sabathia. So what Severino didn’t have it tonight? Classic prank we got the Stros to waste Verlander. Guess what? You can’t use him tomorrow you idiots! Ken Giles? Yeah he came in to pitch in a SIX RUN GAME. He threw over 20 pitches and if he comes in to pitch tomorrow there’s no way he’ll be 100%. All of this was a ploy to eliminate the only threats to this team. CC Sabathia is angry. They continually showed him in the dugout late in the game and he looked like he wanted the ball right then and there. I’m ready to run through a goddamn wall for that man. Holy fuck I’m fired up for tomorrow night. Game 7 in Houston let’s do it!

Who’s pitching for Houston? Apologies if that gets revealed from the time this gets published to when it gets announced? Peacock pitched tonight and gave up a bomb to Judge so he’s out. McCullers seemingly could go, but for how long? Morton is ready but he got SHELLED earlier in the series. Is Keuchel able to go on two days rest? It’s insane, but he could probably go 2 innings if he had to. It’s an interesting decision for A.J. Hinch no doubt about it. I’d bet McCullers gets the ball, but that’s just me. Tomorrow will be a war, but we’ll be ready.

Inspirational comeback quotes might start EARLY.

Back at The Ainsworth tomorrow night on 26th street. If you were there tonight I mean holy fuck. That place was absolutely electric. Packed to capacity. If you weren’t able to get a wristband cause you were a little late that’s on me. I apologize and that’s unacceptable. That will not be an issue tomorrow I guarantee it. If you see me tomorrow night and you’re one of these people I’l allow you to rip me to shreds cause I didn’t plan that one bit. Hand up.

Yanks in 7.