The Knicks Season Is Officially Underway Annnnnnnd Frank Ntilikina Is Already Hurt

Cuncel da saeson!!! Actually can you cuncel a saeson that was never truly alive to begin with? Does cuncelling a dead saeson bring it back to life like a double negative? I have no clue how the Cuncel works.

Regardless, now that Frankie is hurt, I know for a fact that he will heal slowly as Dennis Smith Jr. completes one of the most impressive rookie seasons in the history of the NBA on his way to winning multiple NBA championships and MVPs. FUCK! I mean I’m not even asking the basketball gods to make Frank a 10-time All-Star or even a starter for his whole career. But can I just watch my team’s first round pick play a few games? No? Okay, that’s fine. I will just let this picture of Frankie’s freakishly long arms get me through the cold autumn and winter nights.