"What Dat Mouth Do?" Featuring Wayne Simmonds

I’d just like to take a second real quick and talk about how horrifically offensive Ryan Johansen was last night. Listen, bud. I know you may not be into that sort of thing but it’s 2017 AND it’s Ass Eatin SZN. Try to have an open mind for once in your life instead of looking at Wayne Simmonds like he’s some sort of freak for trying to toss that salad. There are kids watching this game at home, Ryan. Is this really the kind of example that you want to be setting for them? That it’s okay to laugh at others just because they want to get a little freaky freaky and do some exploration with their tongue? Try to be sex positive one time for me. Just once.

P.S. – Is this clip really worthy of its own blog? Truth be told, probably not. But it’s Friday and the Flyers got shutout last night, so sue me. No. Don’t sue me. That’s the opposite of the point I’m trying to make.