I Don't Like Everyone Else Liking The Yankees

Divisional Round - New York Yankees v Cleveland Indians - Game Five

I’ve been writing for Barstool for 4.5 years. From day 1 KFC told me “no one is going to like you because you write about the Yankees on a Boston based site and your editor is a Mets fan”. Boy was he telling the truth. Since May 20th 2013, I have been attacked for my weight, writing ability, overall face and for being a Yankee fan. The first three remain constant but the last one is changing and I HATE IT.

I love this Yankees team. They are young and full of personality in a way we haven’t seen in the Bronx in quite some time, if ever. For real Yankee fans, this is the payoff for years of knowing that our players were overpaid and over the hill, while the rest of the world hated us. We’ve known that eventually our farm system would payoff and that the Evil Empire would rise from the ashes and start another dynasty. Everything is going exactly to plan, except one thing. Not enough people hate us.

We have the KFC’s of the world who have a hate that burns so bright, nothing could change it, but even Red Sox fans are watching out of curiosity and not anger. Every day there is another media outlet talking about how likable this team is and it’s killing me. If you google “Yankees Likable” you get articles from SI, The Post, ESPN and even Reuters. It’s the low hanging fruit for the media this week and I just want everyone to go back to hating us.

I get it, this team is awesome. We’re mashing dingers and having a ton of fun along to way so everyone wants to get involved.

We’ve got the Toenight Show

We’ve got the thumbs down guy

Hell we’ve got a local guy who looks like a construction worker that Brian Cashman picked up after seeing him play softball in Central Park leading the team.

All stuff that would make me jealous if I was on the outside looking in. But I want that jealousy to be hate, not jumping on the bandwagon. This team is fun. I get it. But this fun was reserved for fans like me, who knew we would be here in February.

For the next decade we’re going to be in the mix for a World Series and we’re going to do it with likable guys. These guys tweet and give great interviews. If I were you, I’d want to be a fan too. But you can’t.

So if you haven’t been rocking with us all year, you can kick rocks. Don’t watch the Yankees out of curiosity, certainly don’t watch because you think you’re on a bandwagon, you can only watch to root against us. I want you to cheer against us as hard as you can, because when we win the World Series I’m going to be the most insufferable person in the world.

PS: This ends tonight.


Clem’s Editor’s Note: I’m pretty sure I speak for every non-Yankees Stoolie and blogger when I say Lets Go Astros!