'The Walking Dead' Virtual Reality App Puts Normal People (Like You!) In A Zombie Apocalypse

UPROXXThe AMC VR app, which is available now for iOS, Android, Gear VR and Google Daydream, allows users to experience virtual scenarios such as becoming a walker from “The Walking Dead” or getting Hong Kong-style martial arts training from the “Into the Badlands” Fight Camp. Users will also be able to watch the latest AMC trailers and behind-the-scenes video in the AMC VR app’s screening room. The scenarios being offered in the four Walking Dead offerings sound pretty wild. Who knew the tease of being eaten alive could sound so fun? TWD devotees should be pleased with the choice of helmer, too.

The Walking Dead (Directed by Greg Nicotero)
“Attacked Pt. 1: Trapped” – You’re trapped in an abandoned car. Can you last until help arrives?
“Attacked Pt. 2: Surrounded” – The walkers are closing in now, and time is running out.
“Attacked Pt. 3: Devoured” – Unfortunately, not everyone makes it out alive in this world.
“Attacked Pt. 4: Herd” – You’re the walking dead. Join the herd.

This honestly may be the first thing this damn show has done right in, well, forever. OK, I take that headline back somewhat. The Walking Dead games developed by TellTale is everything the show should be, and more. Those games are beyond legit. However, I declared the AMC program The Worst Show Everyone Can’t Stop Watching…4, count ‘em, FOUR years ago. Back then there was so much potential less than zero execution. Each episode was (and by all accounts still is) the same shit different day. So much unnecessary build up with little to come out of everything. Maybe if they invested their time and efforts into the actual writing and storyline (like the great Season 1) instead of relying on gore and cheap cockteasing things would be better. But that’s the point. Everyone involved with the show knows they’ve got their MASSIVE audience by the balls. They could release an episode of Rick debating the entire hour whether or not to teabag a walker, get universally panned, and there would still be 4 billion people tuning in the following week. In fact, that actually be better than whatever plot line they’ve got going on now. Pay the Smitty his money, AMC.

But this VR Walking Dead is a great idea in theory. What action junkie wouldn’t want to be stuck in a zombie apocalypse? It’s the ultimate survival game. We’ve all thought about what we’d do if an outbreak occurred and it’s WWZ. Now we can get a little taste. As a horror game junkie (Silent Hill 1 & 2, Resident Evil IV, Dead Space, and The Last Of Us are still bingo-bango-bongo-tittys on my list) I am PUMPED there may be things out there that can get so realistic that’ll physically make you ill. I don’t know whether it’ll make it move or have it cower back inside like a frightened turtle, but at least the reaction will be authentic. It all may be fake but the shit in my pants is as real as it gets. There’s horror VR games that seem as real as it gets. As Winston Zedemoore eloquently states, people have seen shit that’ll turn you white: