Taco Bell Is Testing Out Kit Kat Quesadillas And Twix Quesadillas In The U.S.



Brand Eating- Taco Bell is testing a new Kit Kat-filled quesadilla called the “Kit Kat Chocoladilla” at select locations in Wisconsin. They’re also testing new Vanilla Iced Coffee in the same area. The Kit Kat Chocoladilla features melted chocolate and Kit Kat pieces folded and grilled in a flour tortilla.

Both the Kit Kat Chocoladilla and Vanilla Iced Coffee are selling for $1 a piece. A Twix version of the Chocoladilla is being offered at some locations instead of the Kit Kat version.

Mother of God. It’s…it’s BEAUTIFUL. The last time I felt the way that I do about the Kit Kat Quesadilla was the first time I said eyes on the Snickers Ice Cream Bar. Something that you were so sure was destined for greatness you wondered how it didn’t come around sooner. Pretty much everything LeBron became if he didn’t sell his soul out to the devil with slicked back hair in Miami. The one thing I don’t understand is how this delectable treat didn’t originate in the states. Americans are the kings of fast food and diabetes. I am truly insulted that this Fast Food Frankenstein originated across the pond. Een though this is just a “test run” in the United States, I can guarantee that American will give the Kit Kat Quesadilla an A+++ with a smiley face in red pen, a couple of star stickers, and maybe even keep the Kit Kat Quesadilla after class for some after school fun that may land it in a Jerry Thornton blog.

The kicker of all this is the $1 price point. Usually when I go to Taco Bell, I don’t go with the meal numbers. Instead I build a meal like those internet challenges where I have $15 to create a #superteam. The Chalupa usually ends up as my $5 franchise player, I’ll throw one Doritos Loco Taco in the mix for cheap (Nacho because it’s the GOAT in all things Doritos), and then let my mind get crazy using the value meal section. But the achilles heel is the dessert section. The Cinnamon Twists are alright in a pinch and the Cinnabon balls are incredible if you don’t mind your teeth screaming in horror. But there has never been a true stud on the dessert menu until now*. As I always say, the best part of a new item being added to the menu is that now it’s in the Taco Bell ingredients list. Now things like a Kit Kat Gordita or Twix Taco are a possibility. And can you imagine if a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup ever stumbled onto the Taco Bell menu?

*Pending Snackin’ Off review