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Father Of The Year Fan Gets Involved In A Soccer Scrum While Holding His Young Son

Now that’s how you parent! There is no better way to introduce your kid to the The Beautiful Game than by going full hooligan and slapping a few strikers on the pitch. Ever since I found out our 2nd child was going to be a boy, I have admittedly been excited to have a son I could root for my teams with. Sure it will mostly end up just us bitching about how cheap the Wilpons are and praying for James Dolan to disappear from the Earth as we hope the Giants can save us from the cycle of misery.

But if I was a soccer fan in England, I would look forward to my son and I throwing our club’s scarf on, singing our club’s songs, and acting like complete assholes all in the game of hooliganism. Say what you want to say about those blokes overseas, but they own their corner for being dickhead fans with pride. And there’s no better way to introduce your little bugger to the game than sticking his nose directly into the fire ad you slap a player or two and drop some F-Bombs or C-Bombs right in their faces (I’m not sure if the C-Bomb is even a C-Grenande in England). There are no Cats In The Cradle in that household. Just a couple of really big footie fans and likely a mom that is going to MURDER THE FUCK out of that husband when she sees this video on the news.

h/t dan