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Justin Thomas Casually Chips In A 4-Foot Putt

What’s the over/under on how many feet away from the hole this ball ends up if us common folk try this? 40? 50? Does it stay on the green? Look I understand there was a significant scuff on the green so JT wanted to maximize the control he has on the situation so he chipped it. But jesus christ man. I think you just gotta putt this one then freak out and blame the grass if it misses. Start pointing and screaming and berating the greenskeeper or the group in front of you or somebody. Just miss then blame it on other things. But to chip it? To somehow not take a chunk out of the green? Or to not skull it into a greenside bunker? To drain it with a perfect roll?

Alright JT. We get it. You’re really fucking good.

PS — The crowd’s reaction to this ball going in is laugh out loud funny stuff. Greatest thing they’ve seen in this part of the world I think ever.